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Shopping Combo Categories

The combos are suggestions based on mood, inspiration, preference and lifestyle. However, you should feel free to mix and match and please bring your suggestions back to Chicsaga. We like your input. Below are the categories. You may click on the titles below to search shopping combos.

  • The Scholar– Historical, arts, high life, fine dining,
  • The Royal– Family shopping, entertainment, and group activities
  • The Jetsetter– Extreme style, extreme shopping, sexy days, endless nights
  • The Runaway Just go, do this, do that, why not?
  • The Heathen– Shopping for club gear,  pit stop home not included, pre-night spot, night spot , after night spot, all manner of unspeakable stuff.
  • The Athlete– Active shopping, healthy eating, outdoor entertainment and activities
  • The Vagabond– Unlike The Runaway, The Vagabond is thrifty. Save, thrift, save, wonder, repeat.

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  • Arts and Entertainment

    Theater, Movies, live music, all types of activities that will keep you moving.
  • Culture

    These three cities are all melting pots, each with its own delicious flavor.
  • Good Eats!

    Take a look for the best dine-in or take-out in town.
  • Health and Active

    Health clubs, bike riding, hiking, horseback and anything else we can find that gets you in shape for shopping.
  • Night spots

    Nightclubs, dancing, comedy and dives. Anything good enough to lose sleep and postpone great TV.
  • Places of Awesomeness

    Anyone can be a tourist. Museum's, zoo's, beautiful attractions, adventures, and the best entertainment. The goal is to have it all right here.
  • Shopping

    We will list the big names and malls of course but it's the hidden shopping gems that make our featured cities special.
  • Tattoo Parlors

    Tattoo Parlors are such a huge business now that it needed a category of it's own. The businesses listed here have received rave reviews. But it is always advised to thoroughly research who is doing your ink.
  • Top 10ish

    These list are not made lightly on my part. But in some professions a great reputation built on years of reliable service is more important than in some others. So we have the Top 10ish list.


  • Boston

    I lived in Boston for two years. It's a grand old city with roots that show in the buildings and in every street. Just being there was a history lesson and so much to do in and out of town that I missed a few things. But I'm going back and taking chic with me!
  • Chicago

    This is the city that raised me. Some of the greatest architecture has made the Chicago skyline one of the most beautiful in the world but it's the people that give this city it's beating heart. It's a city of strong cultural identity and strong attitude. The food is amazing and it would take more than one lifetime to try it all. You have not lived unless you have visited Chicago.
  • Sacramento

    I am a baby in this city and yet it's my biggest inspiration for I have been here for almost nine months and I feel like I have just discovered the hidden potential in a shy youngster. Sky's the limit for Sacramento, This city just has to believe in itself! It has so much to offer. It's a big city with a small town feel.